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Acclaimed author and long-time Gusti friend food journalist Katie Parla takes you on a tour of the gastronomic heritage that hails from the regional cuisines of the Italian South. Katie shares rich dishes, both original and reimagined, along with historical and cultural insights that encapsulate the miles of rugged beaches, sheep-dotted mountains, meditatively quiet towns, and, most important, culinary traditions unique to this precious piece of Italy. Inside this box, you will receive Katie's book Food of the Italian South, a well-documented collection of regional recipes from Campania, Molise, Puglia, Basilicata, and Calabria. Armed with Gustiamo's ingredients and Katie's instructions, you will cook masterpiece dishes such as Katie's Spaghetti O'Scarpariello with plum tomatoes and garlic, Focaccia Pugliese with olives and Piennolo tomatoes, Capunata con Friselle, or Paccheri alla Cilentana. 
Packed in a cardboard box filled with non-tacky, festive crinkle paper, this gift box can be personalized with your gift note. 
If unavailable, foods in this gift box will be replaced with similar ingredients of the same or higher value.

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