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Accept no imitations: this is the real San Marzano, the famous “King of Tomatoes,” a Slow Food presidia prized by chefs the world over. With their distinctive bitter-sweet flavor and low acidity, even in the can these tomatoes taste like they’ve just been picked from the vine. Real San Marzano tomatoes have a long shape and meaty texture that allows them to be peeled and canned whole without falling apart. Use them in any recipe that requires the true flavor of Italian tomato tradition - a simple pasta al pomodoro, a classic ragu, or rustic soups and stews. ​

Our DaniCoop Gustarosso DOP San Marzano tomatoes are produced according to the highest standards of quality and sustainability by Danicoop, a cooperative of about 100 farmers in the Agro Sarnese Nocerino, a small area south of Napoli, where the village of San Marzano is located. There the fertile Vesuvian soils create the ideal growing conditions for these outstanding tomatoes, enhanced by the cooperative’s centuries-old cultivation methods, including manual spring water irrigation and hand-harvesting. With so many fakes on the market, Gustiamo is proud to be one of the few providers of real DOP San Marzano tomatoes, and to help safeguard this Italian tradition for the next generation.

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