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Sirk Vinegar has a cult-like following. Hailing from Friuli Venezia Giulia, in the northeast corner of Italy, this vinegar is revolutionizing the way we think about vinegar. Intensely aromatic with the brightly floral aroma of the ribolla gialla, white wine grape, it has a round and complex flavor, with notes of concentrated unripe fruit. Those familiar with the white wines of the Collio region will recognize this vinegar’s lovely orange color and the distinctive smell of Friuli. This bottle of Sirk Vinegar is a spray, which makes it very easy to evenly dress dishes! 

In Collio, the terrain and breezes off the Adriatic sea create a unique microclimate, perfectly suited to the cultivation of the ribolla gialla grapes used to make Sirk vinegar. The Collio region is also famous for cured meats, so spray a few drops on salumi plates or rustic soups or stews. This highly versatile vinegar adds aroma and flavor to eggs, fritters, asparagus, fatty fishes like eel or salmon, and oysters, and balances the sweetness in desserts like sorbets and berries, and caramelized sugar.

Josko Sirk and his team have disrupted the conventional wine vinegar world by rejecting the idea that vinegar should be made from wine, or from outcast grapes deemed unworthy of wine. Their exceptional vinegar is made directly from 100% ribolla gialla grapes - the same grapes that would otherwise produce prized Collio wine. Industrial vinegar production is dictated by speed and cost reduction; wine is converted to vinegar in about two hours, resulting in a mundane product with a flatly standardized flavor. At Sirk, however, they allow their own organically-grown grapes to ferment slowly for five years in Slovenian oak barrels. The result is a truly unique vinegar that is of such high quality, it is bottled without any filtering or preservatives.

Sirk Grape Vinegar is a beautiful unique expression of the finest grapes, perfect for passionate, attentive food lovers. Take Josko’s advice:  “Choose vinegar - and use it - with the same care and thoughtfulness as you would a high-quality wine.”

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