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Marco Colzani's Chocolate Hazelnut spread: your quest for deliciously simple, naturally made foods just high-fived your inner child. Chocolate and hazelnut spread - or gianduja - has a special place on the Italian breakfast table. Unbelievably flavorful, this spread is bursting with hazelnut flavor. One of Marco's core beliefs is simplicity. That's why just three ingredients are listed: toasted Piemontese hazelnuts, cacao, and Italian raw sugar. The Alta Langa hazelnuts he uses are sourced from Terra delle Nocciole, the cooperative of farmers who grow our prized hazelnuts in Piemonte.
We mention chocolate and hazelnut spread, and by association, you are probably thinking: Nutella. But, as our friend Danny Hoch puts it, this is not Nutella, folks! Marco's Cacao e Nocciole Crema Spalmabile is different. He starts with raw cacao beans, roasts them, and adjusts the sugar-to-cacao bean ratio based on each batch of beans. His minimalist approach consists of: "taking away everything unnecessary, and try to come as close as possible to the original beauty of each ingredient." Packed with 50 percent hazelnuts, this gianduja spread is perfect for a crostata Italiana, filling crepes, or as a topping for pancakes. Mix a dollop into fresh gelato, spread it onto fresh bread for your new favorite breakfast, or - go ahead - grab a spoon and dig in!
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