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You will never find a more whole wheat flour than this Sicilian Pane Nero Flour. Filippo Drago’s Pane Nero flour is a blend of entirely stone-ground grains, made without any part of the grain kernel being removed. That's right, this flour has ALL of the grain's bran, germ, and endosperm skillfully milled into a beautiful homogeneous flour. The result is a shockingly flavorful flour that produces bread and baked goods with incredible natural flavor hints of cinnamon and nutmeg. 

Specifically, this flour is 30% Tumminia, an ancient grain variety from Sicily, and 70% other Sicilian wheat varieties including Simeto. At 11.5% moisture content and 13.7% protein, this is a dense, nutritional whole grain flour. Besides Pane Nero, this flour is also fantastic for pizza, biscotti, and focaccia. Mix it with other flours to give the hearty, lightly sweet taste of Tumminia to all your baked goods. 

Tumminia is very digestible and even suitable for people with some wheat sensitivities; rich in vitamins, minerals and protein, this flour is super healthy, and has a low glycemic effect, so you’ll stay full for longer. But Filippo doesn’t want you to be fooled by all that health food talk - “It’s not a penance, it’s a joy,” he tells us.

Filippo Drago is Sicilian grain miller, bread baker, and pasta maker who is revolutionizing the way Sicily (and Italy) thinks about indigenous grains. Filippo works with ancient Sicilian grains from his grain mill located in the heart of Castelvetrano, Sicily. Mulini del Ponte is the name of his epic mill and his business is much more than milling native ancient Sicilian grains. In an effort to save ancient grain varieties from extinction, such as Tumminia, Russello, and Perciasacchi, Filippo has helped to unite and organize a group of Sicilian grain growers from whom he buys his grain. Filippo is particularly respected throughout Sicily for making Pane Nero di Castelvetrano according to traditions, including baking the bread in an oven burning 100% olive tree wood.

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