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Yes! This pasta shape is very long. In fact they are the mother of all pasta shapes and meant to be broken to your desired length. Faella Candele are long, thick tubes of pasta that flatten when cooked for a pleasantly chewy bite. Candele are ideal with meat and tomato based sauces, but are delicious with any of your favorite combinations of cheese, meat, fish or vegetables. Or use them in a baked pasta dish, like the traditional timballi or pasticci. The hard durum semola flour used to make Candele Faella is 100% Italian semola di grano duro.

Pasta Faella is made from nothing but the highest quality semola and pristine spring waters from the Lattari Mountains. The pasta is extruded through traditional bronze dies created specifically for each shape, and is air dried naturally for at least two days - unlike industrial pasta that is dried in less than an hour at high temperatures in electric ovens. Pasta Faella, instead, is a classic artisanal pasta that is easily digested and gives a great sense of satiety.

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