Gustiamo, Italy’s best foods is an online retailer, which means our customers shop on our website. We are not open to the public for shopping. We do offer an option for curbside pickup of online orders. You may ONLY come to the Gustiamo warehouse if you first have placed an order on www.gustiamo.com. You can pickup your orders at the Gustiamo warehouse ONLY on Fridays from 2-4pm.

Our address is: 1715 West Farms Road Bronx, NY 10460

Please, do not come unless you have placed an order on the website. When you place your order online, in the “special instructions” section at checkout indicate that this is just a preliminary order. Yes, we will refund your shipping charges after you’ve picked up your order.

If you have any questions about shopping at Gustiamo, please get in touch via email: gustiteam@gustiamo.com, or phone: 718.860.2949
We, Gustiamo, are an importer of food made by Italy’s best farmers and food makers. From real extra virgin olive oil, to San Marzano tomatoes, to pasta, we import the highest quality products made by good Italian food makers. We sell our wonderful food online to the general public as well as to restaurants and stores.
We ship everywhere in the USA with UPS.
Shipping charges to the Continental US are $7.75 plus $2 per each additional item purchased. If you order 7 or more items, shipping charges are $19.75. Maximum shipping charges are $19.75 no matter how much you order, which is pretty darn fantastic.
Please call us (718.860.2949) or email us (gustiteam@gustiamo.com) your order and we will let you know how much shipping will cost.
We ship everywhere in Canada with UPS.
Shipping charges to Canada are $35 plus $7 per each item purchased.
Gustiamo offers a 100% unparalleled guarantee. We trust you as we trust a friend: the jar arrived broken, the bottle of olive oil leaked in transit, no matter how exquisite, you really didn’t like the orange marmalade… no problem! Let’s make it easy and clear: just let us know what went wrong and we’ll either refund you or send a replacement at no cost to you. We don’t want to waste your time nor to have you stand in interminable lines at the post office. Mishaps happen, but we’ll do it right by you.
Yes! The Gusti Team is here to organize your gift giving for you, personal or business. We have lots of experience in corporate gifting; we find that good Italian extra virgin olive oil is a favorite! Gustiamo ships your gifts directly to you, or right to your recipients. We work with you to make sure your gifts are totally customized and perfect. Send us an email, we’d love to chat with you about gifts gustiteam@gustiamo.com.
All your purchase transactions on Gustiamo.com are 100% safe and private. We use state of the art protection software to encrypt and disperse your data so that no one – including us – will ever see your credit card information. We would never ever share your contact information with anyone outside our trusted small staff, not even with the CIA, so please enjoy our Italy’s Best Food in total safety and privacy.
Email it to us! Positive or negative. We will post it for you: gustiteam@gustiamo.com
Grazie! The creation of this website was a beautiful labor of love, realized by our community of food loving geniuses who were up for a good food barter! The tech virtuoso behind our website is Lorenzo dell'Uva and his team at Intermedia mmh in Bologna. Our oh-so-Gusti look + feel, as well as our gorgeous illustrations, are designed by Caterina Tandello and her team at MammaLab, also in Bologna. The product descriptions for all of our products are written by the Italian food writer and renaissance woman Megan McGowan; she’s based in Brooklyn but we are pretty sure her heart is based in a trattoria in rural Emilia Romagna. All of the food product photography is done by Aimee Brodeur and Phil Buccellato, we are not sure which they love more, eating Gusti foods or photographing them. A big part of the art direction of the food photography is done by Luise Stauss of Stauss & Quint in Manhattan; her artistic eye is almost as impressive as her appetite for real Italian food. Did you notice our stellar category icons? Those babies were created by Nicholas Blechman; he’s an ardent real Italian food defender and the infographic mastermind behind The New York Times Food Chains; truly works of art!.
We are a small (but growing!) team based in the Bronx (off the 2 and 5 subway), where we have been since 1999. Gustiamo is not hiring for a specific position but we are ALWAYS open to hiring people who share our philosophy, who are inspired by what we do, and who think they have the right attitude to complement and add to our team. Gustiamo has a special company culture and a very strong ethical commitment to Italy’s food makers. To be a member of team Gusti you must have a passion for real Italian food, have an entrepreneurial spirit, be able to speak Italian (at least conversationally), and most importantly have an amazing attitude. We are looking for people who can help with everyday tasks (warehouse, admin, customer service, social media etc.) but who can also carve out their own niche at Gustiamo, doing what highlights their strengths and what they love. Gustiamo welcomes interest from everyone, regardless of citizenship. Interested? The best way to get to know us is reading our website + blog, and interacting with us on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram (@gustiamo). Find a creative way to interact with our brand. Impress us! Then, email us (gustiteam@gustiamo.com).
Gustiamo importa e distribuisce cibo italiano. Olio extravergine di oliva, pomodori e pasta sono solo alcuni dei prodotti di altissima qualità creati dai migliori artigiani e agricoltori italiani, che grazie a noi e al nostro sito, finiscono sulle tavole dei consumatori e dei ristoranti americani e canadesi. La nostra squadra, che dal 1999 fa base in un magazzino del Bronx (facilmente raggiungibile da Manhattan, vicino alle fermate delle linee 2 e 5 della metro) non è grande, ma è in costante crescita. Non stiamo cercando persone per una posizione specifica, ma persone che condividono la nostra passione, che si sentono ispirate dalla nostra missione e che credono di avere l’attitudine giusta per arricchire il nostro organico. Gustiamo ha una cultura aziendale molto speciale. Abbiamo un’etica volta a promuovere e supportare solo il vero e autentico cibo italiano. Dunque, per fare parte del “Gusti Team” non devi solo avere uno spirito imprenditoriale e una buona conoscenza dell’italiano e dell’inglese, ma anche passione per i piatti preparati nella maniera giusta e soprattutto tanto entusiasmo. Siamo alla ricerca di persone che possano aiutarci con le attività giornaliere (dal magazzino all’amministrazione, dall’assistenza clienti ai social media) e che possano trovare con noi la loro dimensione e un motivo di realizzazione personale. Sei interessato? Bene! Gustiamo è aperta a tutti, a prescindere dalla cittadinanza. Prima di tutto però devi iniziare a conoscerci. Familiarizza con il nostro sito e il nostro blog, seguici e lascia commenti su Facebook, Instagram e Twitter (@gustiamo). Trova un modo creativo di attirare la nostra attenzione e di interagire con il nostro brand. Insomma, stupiscici e solo a quel punto contattaci via email per candidarti (gustiteam@gustiamo.com).