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Benza BuonOlio is made from 100% Taggiasca, the most common olive of the Imperia province on the coast of Liguria, and the source of the region’s signature delicate, balanced olive oil. Benza BuonOlio is one of our smoothest real extra virgin olive oils. The 2020/2021 harvest is perfectly balanced, with the aroma of citrus on the nose. It has a fantastic richness, hardly any bitterness, and elegant notes of almonds, pine nuts, and just a touch of spice at the finish. An exquisite finishing oil, it is also perfect for cooking, or whipping up homemade pesto alla Genovese, a Ligurian classic, with pine nuts and lots of fresh basil.

The Taggiasca olive thrives in Liguria's gentle, temperate seaside climate and calcium-rich soil. But olive oil production here is far from easy; groves are perched on terraced hills inaccessible to modern harvest equipment, so the olives must be picked by hand. Many farmers have abandoned their groves, leaving the landscape in decline and vulnerable to brush fires.

The Benza family has been making real extra virgin olive oil in the Ligurian Riviera since the 16th century. “My parents taught me that a good oil comes from a highly scrupulous production process,” explains Gigi Benza. “But also, and above all, from quality olives - that’s why I personally look after them from the time the plants flower until the harvest.”