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Not bleached, not washed, not harvested mechanically, no anti-caking additives, Trapani sea salt is a pure product. It’s shoveled by hand in the salt flats of Trapani, on the northwestern coast of Siciliat the same way it’s been done for a thousand years. Salt is a kitchen essential, and our sea salt from Trapani will replace your everyday commodity salt with a truly nutritious and sustainable salt. Gathered from the low waters of the Mediterranean Sea, this salt is naturally rich in iodine, fluorine, magnesium and potassium, with a much lower percentage of sodium chloride than regular table salt.
This real Italian sea salt adds more “salt” flavor to food, with less sodium, so use a pinch to naturally enhance the taste of all your favorite dishes. Sale fino, or fine salt, is the most common form of salt, ideal for salting foods before or after cooking; has pinchable crystals that melt rapidly and quickly penetrate the surfaces of food, but have a good crunch when used for finishing.

Each spring, the salt pans are filled with seawater, which is left to evaporate in the heat of the Sicilian summer sun and strong African winds. As the water evaporates and the salt starts to crystallize, the fiore del sale are the young salt crystals that form on the top. The salt is completely unrefined and untreated, unlike industrial salt, which is harvested by machines that pollute the salt; it then must be washed and stripped of its natural minerals, which are re-added with chemicals. 
Chef Samin Nosrat, author of bestselling cookbook Salt, Fat, Acid, Heat and star of…
“It’s the most inexpensive way to step up your cooking, a true secret weapon.” From Samin…