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For anyone who loves Caffe' Sicilia and the sweet creations of Corrado Assenza, this gift is the ultimate tasting collection. In his pastry laboratory in Noto, Sicily, Corrado makes all of his sweets following traditional recipes and using the best Sicilian ingredients. Does the name Corrado Assenza ring a bell? That might be because you saw him on the Netflix original series, Chef's Table, season 4 episode 2. In the episode, Corrado makes wonderful jam and marmalade and traditional Sicilian almond sweets. This box is the perfect gift to give to a Netflix lover who is also passionate about food. What could be better than seeing the master pastry chef in action while eating his products?

Our beautiful wooden gift crates are re-purposed produce boxes, we get them used from one of the oldest produce markets in The Bronx. We like to think of them as "outer-borough" chic.

All Gustiamo gifts have the option of including a gift card at checkout.

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