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We’re a little bit obsessed with the newest arrival from Maida - and pretty soon the hot sauce lover in your life will be too. Small and red with a satisfyingly crunchy texture, Maida’s peperoncini provide all the rich flavor of hot peppers without the burning heat. The best part is, you get to use the oil too. The extra virgin olive oil in the jar is naturally infused by the peppers and makes the best chili oil you have ever tasted.
Use them to top homemade pizza, or add to pasta all’arrabbiata, spaghetti aglio olio e peperoncino - or a dozen other dishes in which over-processed supermarket condiments can be replaced with the authentic flavor of southern Italy.
Francesco Vastola at Maida uses a fragrant local pepper called Peperoncino a Cornetto - so named for its small horn shape. The peppers are sliced by hand into delicate rounds and preserved in 100% Leccino real extra virgin olive oil made right on the Maida farm. Once infused with the flavor of the peppers, this earthy, spicy oil can also be used to add flavor to any dish, so don’t throw it away.
Use it for:
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