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Faella Caserecci get their name from the Italian word for homemade, and have a slightly twisted, short shape great for chunky sauces or baked pasta recipes. At Gustiamo we love them in a savory-sweet dish with anchovies, cauliflower, raisins, pine nuts, and breadcrumbs. Faella Caserecci, just like all pasta Faella, are crafted according to tradition in the legendary birthplace of Italian dried pasta, Gragnano. This pasta is real Italian pasta at its best. Its slightly rough, porous texture creates an ideal surface for collecting sauces, and its consistency is firm and chewy - just be sure to cook it al dente to fully savor its flavor and texture! The hard durum semola flour used to make Caserecci Faella is 100% Italian semola di grano duro.

Pasta Faella is made from nothing but the highest quality semola and pristine spring waters from the Lattari Mountains. The pasta is extruded through traditional bronze dies that give the pasta its porous texture, and is air dried naturally for at least two days - unlike industrial pasta that is dried in less than an hour at high temperatures in electric ovens. Pasta Faella, instead, is a classic artisanal pasta that is easily digested and gives a great sense of satiety.

Use it for:
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