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This joyful kaleidoscope of tiny, rounded granules will change your perspective on how eating something healthy can also be a delightful gastronomic experience. Monte Arci spring bee pollen comes from Asphodel, Lavender, Sulla, and Sage leaf Rockrose flowers. Harvested with dedication and respect and processed with expertise by our honey-guru Luigi Manias, this bee pollen is collected from a uniquely pristine area in the southwest part of Sardinia. Introduce just a tablespoon of this energy booster to your yogurt and fruit breakfast bowls: it will be awakening in the broadest sense of the term! 
Here's the thing about bee pollen: although it is becoming popular among health-conscious consumers due to its wide variety of nutrients and bioactive substances, few meet the quality and safety requirements to be actually called "superfood." Luigi's bees collect it exclusively from Sardinian wildflowers inside the Monte Arci Natural Park at about 820 feet, a spectacular and unpolluted area far from urban activities and intensive agriculture. Free of pesticides, herbicides, and metal residues, this certified organic pollen is gently dehumidified immediately after the harvest. It results in a multiflora bee pollen with the best nutritional properties and an outstanding flavor profile. 
Each hive produces about 2 pounds of pollen annually, making it incredibly scarce and precious. Luigi says his pollen is an accurate picture of each year's botanical landscape: the different colors of the tiny granules indicate the flower diversity and the harvest period, while its sweet, grassy taste reminds of complex notes of honey and wax. It starts chalky, then the granules will melt in your mouth like candies, releasing all their distinctive aromas. It's an excellent breakfast food, but it will also brighten salads, fresh cheese such as ricotta and mozzarella, fish or meat tartare, soft-boiled eggs, or even fresh-made egg pasta. Get creative with your bee pollen; just keep in mind to avoid expositing it to excess heat. It will destroy its nutritional superpowers! Once opened, keep it refrigerated and properly sealed.  
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