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DaniCoop Gustarosso 100% Italian tomatoes, with a fresh, full flavor and the perfect balance of sweetness and acidity, these are the perfect pantry staple for all of your basic tomato recipes. Preserved in nothing more than their own pure juices, these tomatoes will infuse all your dishes with true Italian taste, from a slow-simmered tomato sauce or rustic soup, to a quick sautee for a simple pasta al pomodoro.

These tomatoes are produced by Danicoop, the Campania consortium of small tomato farmers and our only trusted source of real San Marzano tomatoes. Danicoop oversees the entire production of these tomatoes, from cultivation in Puglia and Molise, to harvest at the peak of ripeness, to careful selection and canning. The Danicoop stamp of approval guarantees that these 100% Italian tomatoes bring the best of southern Italian flavor to your dinner table.

Use it for:
Pasta al Pomodoro
Pasta al Pomodoro is probably the most iconic Italian comfort food. It makes for a quick meal full…
Gustarosso Tomatoes
Gustiamo's canned tomatoes come from DaniCoop, a cooperative of farmers based in Campania. Chefs,…