[not so corporate] Corporate Gifts

Are you tired of low quality and/or useless holiday gifts?
Are you part of a company who needs to give gifts to colleagues, clients, or friends?
Are you an individual who has 10 or more gifts to send?

If you have answered “yes” to 2 of the above questions you are a good fit for our gifting program!

Here are some facts about our The Gusti [not so corporate] Corporate Gift Program:

  • We supply companies/individuals with gifts around:
    ✓ $30/each (think an elegant bottle of real extra virgin olive oil)
    ✓ $80/each (think a bottle of REAL aged Balsamic from Modena)
    ✓ $500/each (our prized Gusti Signature Box)
    ✓ and all price points in between!
  • Everything is customizable based on your taste + your recipients’ different needs
  • Yes, we can include recipes with gifts!
  • We can ship gifts to you OR directly to your gift recipient.
  • We can include a gift note in each gift, written by us OR written by you.
  • Yep, you can also choose from our Baskets + Boxes Gift Section.
  • Past customers of The Gusti [not so corporate] Corporate Gift Program have included high-power attorneys, celebrity chefs, and tech geniuses!

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