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The 2020/2021 harvest of Cru di Cures extra virgin olive oil is rich and fresh, with noticeable spice and bitterness on the finish. It has fruity aromas with hints of pear. The overall flavor is complex with notes of artichoke. This is an exceptional real extra virgin olive oil that will add the bold taste of Italian tradition to any dish - drizzle it on salads, pasta, vegetables, or just a slice of good fresh bread.

Cru di Cures is made by the expert hands of Laura Fagiolo and her niece Antonella in Fara Sabina, in the region of Lazio. Sabina is one of the most historic areas of Italy, with evidence of human settlement from the Paleolithic period. Olive cultivation in this region is just as historic; Sabina olive oil was the first Italian oil to gain DOP status by the European Community, in recognition of a tradition stretching back thousands of years. Laura named her real extra virgin olive oil Cures after the Latin name for the ancient capital of Sabina, near Passo Corese. After harvest, the olives are pressed immediately at the family mill to ensure maximum flavor and freshness in the oil. The 2020/2021 harvest is a blend of Frantoio, Carboncella, Leccino, and Raja.

In the hills of Fara Sabina, in the region of Lazio, Cru di Cures Extra Virgin Olive Oli is made by…
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