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Panettone Biasetto is made with the best possible ingredients that Chef Luigi sources himself wherever his search for the best leads him. Biasetto’s Panettone utilizes optimal flour combined with natural mother yeast, which has been nurtured for more than 90 years and several generations. The butter is made (centrifuge) with superior milk from Piemonte. The yolks come from organic eggs that are super fresh. The organic honey is 100% acacia honey from Toscana. Bourbon Vanilla comes from a fair trade producer in Uganda. Chef Luigi uses incredibly soft raisins and fragrant real candied fruits (orange, citron and lemon from Sicily), a stellar difference with the small pieces of colored and tasteless squash you would find in your industrial panettone. How to serve it? For an extraordinary tasting experience, Luigi recommends to leave the Panettone in a warm room (or near a heat source) for a few hours, before serving. Luigi suggests to consume your panettone two or three times a day, after your meals. 

Panettone is a dome shaped Italian holiday bread. Legend has it that some 500 years ago a Milanese baker (named Toni) accidentally created this wonderful holiday bread. Hence, Pan de Toni, and then Panettone. Our Panettone is hand made by award winning pastry chef, Luigi Biasetto in Padova, in the Veneto region. Chef Luigi achieves a Panettone which tops the world’s best Panettone lists year after year. Contrary to “industrial” Panettone in the stores that are made several months before, Luigi Biasetto baked this Panettone only a few days or weeks (depending on when you buy it) ago.

This Panettone is 1kg, which is the right size for this product. It's the perfect size because of the bread's natural ability to maintain its consistency at this weight.

Ingredients: flour, fresh butter, fresh egg yolks, candied citrus fruit, raisins, sugar, natural mother yeast, honey, vanilla pods, sea salt

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