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Whenever your recipe calls for red wine vinegar, reach for this bottle. Our Valpolicella Red Wine Vinegar is your go-to red wine vinegar. It has the distinctive aroma of fine red wine - fruity and floral - with an extra-sharp acidic kick. It is aged in oak barrels, and its rich, tangy flavor will wake up your taste buds. It gives a bright, savory lift to salads, sauteed greens, and roasted meats. 
We especially love this Aceto di Vino Rosso drizzled on red meat and homemade salad dressings. Try mixing it with our honey for an extra-special vinaigrette or marinade for meat.
Valpolicella, a hilly cluster of vineyards in the province of Verona, east of Lake Garda, is one of Italy’s top winemaking areas. Like the region’s famous wine, the vinegar is made from mainly Corvina Veronese, Rondinella, and Molinara grape varietals. The vinegar is made slowly, following traditional methods that require almost a year of fermentation (industrially made vinegar only takes a few days). Then, it's aged in oak barrels before being bottled and making its way from Valpolicella’s rolling green hills to your dinner table.
Use it for:
A colorful explosion of flavors, this farro salad is perfect for summer. And our favorite part is:…