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Incredibly sweet and fruity with a meaty consistency and astounding emerald hue, it’s no wonder that pistachios from Bronte are called “green gold.” Prized the world over for their pure, delicate flavor and exceptional color, Bronte pistachios are delicious eaten raw right out of the bag! Or lightly toast them in a pan to release their essential oils and intensify their flavor, and toss them into salads or make your own pesto by adding extra virgin olive oil, Parmigiano Reggiano and garlic for a delicious pasta sauce. In Sicilia, Bronte pistachios are a major ingredient in pastries and gelato; try them in cookies or cakes and enjoy the rich flavor of Sicilian tradition at your own table. These Bronte Pistachios are the same pitsachios that pastry chef Corrado Assenza uses for his sweet creations in his Caffè Sicilia in Noto.
Bronte is a small town in northeastern Sicilia, in the province of Catania, near Mount Etna. These pistachios are exceptionally precious because the trees in this region are picked only every other year; on the off years, farmers discard the newly-formed fruit to give the tree a chance to rest and recuperate nutrients. The result is a spectacular treat, definitely worth the wait!
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