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These small black olives look delicate, but their firm flesh packs a strong umami punch! Grown in the Cilento region of Campania, Maida black olives are ready to eat right out of the jar – or serve them alongside cheese and salumi and you’ll ace the aperitivo spread. They’re the perfect olive for pasta sauces like puttanesca, and can be used to add their rich flavor to fish dishes, insalata di riso, or homemade pizza.  
Farmer Francesco Vastola uses the Leccino black olive cultivar and allows them to fully ripen on the trees. He packs them in real extra virgin olive oil with the pits still inside, helping the olives maintain their natural flavor. Unlike in some conventional versions, there are no artificial preservatives used – Francesco seasons his black olives with white wine vinegar, garlic, salt and chili pepper. The result is a little bit of the signature rich Campania flavor on your table!
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