Antichi Uliveti Extra Virgin Olive Oil

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A deep golden color tinged with green hues, our Antichi Uliveti Extra Virgin Olive Oil from Sardegna is soft on the palate, and has a clean, fluid consistency. With an elegantly complex fragrance, this is by far our fruitiest olive oil of the 2017/2018 harvest, bursting with notes of apple, exotic fruits, and  Mediterranean flowers. It is well-balanced with just the slightest hint of pungency and spice at the finish. Only a small quantity of bottles are available every year, which makes this oil extremely precious. Antichi Uliveti is the perfect oil for delicate dishes like seafood, but we’d settle for a plate and some good bread, just to savor every drop.  

The Pinna family has been producing its Antichi Uliveti Extra Virgin Olive Oil for generations on its farm near Sassari, in northwest Sardegna, a region of fertile soil but intense sun and heat. Antichi Uliveti is made exclusively from Bosana olives, a local cultivar that is well-adapted to harsh conditions. The olives are picked when perfectly ripe and immediately pressed in the Pinna family mill.

Today, the estate is managed by Gavino, Leonardo and Antonella Pinna, a team of siblings who are dedicated to preserving and protecting traditional olive production in Sardegna, and safeguarding the land against over-development and pressure from the tourism industry. They are committed to protecting the pristine Sardinian environment as well, using the pits of the olives for fuel and producing energy with solar panels.


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