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Bio Alberti’s cicerchia (pronounced chee-CHAIR-key-ah) is a primitive version of the chickpea - easily distinguished by their unusual shape - with a flavor that is richer and earthier. A truly rustic varietal, wild chickpeas came to Umbria from the middle east and allowed generations of peasants to survive in times of famine. Soak overnight and boil them for an hour and forty minutes, and you can add them to salads with some good olive oil, or use them in your favorite soup or meat stew. You can also puree them like chickpeas, add some olive oil, garlic and rosemary, and spread on crostini for a delicious antipasto.
Cicerchia were a traditional food that fell out of popularity and nearly disappeared in Italy, until chefs and farmers rediscovered them and brought them back into style. We’re sure glad they did, and even happier to be able to bring the unique shape, rich flavor and outstanding protein content of these cicerchia to your table!

Pro tip - soak beans overnight in room temperature water and they’ll cook up in just an hour in boiling water the next day.
If you’ve heard of the potential dangers of eating Cicerchie (aka lathyrism): do not panic. The tiny percentage of toxins found in Cicerchie might have negative effects on the human body only if you eat nothing but Cicerchie every day and for a long time. That’s actually an unhealthy habit with any foods! Eat a varied diet and you won’t have to worry about being poisoned by Cicerchie beans.
In addition to cicerchie, Bio Alberti also produce chickpeas, lentils, black beans, borlotti beans, cannellini beans, farro dicocco, farro monococco, and orzo (barley). 
Use it for:
Chock full of vitamins, minerals like phosphorus and calcium, and fibers, it is no surprise that…
If we could choose the future of protein, we’d go with Cicerchie. Also known as wild chickpeas,…