Antichi Uliveti Extra Virgin Olive Oil

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A deep golden color tinged with green hues, our Antichi Uliveti Extra Virgin Olive Oil from Sardegna is soft on the palate, and has a clean, fluid consistency. With an elegantly complex fragrance, the 2018/2019 harvest is well-balanced with a long lasting finish and a medium spice. It has a round mouthfeel with vegetal notes of artichoke and hints of citrus peel. Only a small quantity of bottles are available every year, which makes this oil extremely precious. Antichi Uliveti is the perfect oil for delicate dishes like seafood, but we’d settle for a plate and some good bread, just to savor every drop

Antichi Uliveti is made exclusively from Bosana olives, a local cultivar that is well-adapted to harsh conditions. The olives are picked when perfectly ripe and immediately pressed in the Pinna family mill.

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