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Gusti Gift Cards are anything but a last resort. Rather, they mean that even if you are in a pinch, you care very very much. Imagine giving somebody the chance to surf through an amazing assortment of Italian delicacies, take their own time reading, learning, and choosing their very own idea of Italy's best food! 

How do Gustiamo Gift Cards work?
All our gift cards are delivered by email soon after you place your order (call us if you need it sooner! 718-860-2949).

1. Add your gift card to your cart. You can combine multiple gift cards to reach the amount you'd like to give as a gift.
2. At checkout, use your name, address, and email address in the BILLING section.
3. In the SHIPPING section, use your recipient's information. Insert their email address here, if you'd like the Gift Card to be emailed directly to them (yes, we'll put you in cc!)
4. Don't forget to leave your gift note, we'll add it to the gift certificate.
5. Let us know in the Special Instructions when you would like your gift card to be emailed.


You received a Gusti Gift Card and want to redeem your value?

Get in touch with the Gusti Team via email ( or phone (718-860-2924) and we’ll give you your unique Gusti Code to shop your favorite Italian ingredients. 

Gusti Gift Cards are redeemable up to 12 months after purchase.