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Citron - or cedro in Italian - is that Mediterranean citrus fruit that looks like a gigantic lemon. Citron's juicy pulp and thick white rind, which is surprisingly sweet, make it the perfect fruit for marmalade. Caffè Sicilia’s Citron Marmalade is a vibrant shade of light green, with a great chunky texture, full of whole fruit. Its sweetness is balanced by a mild citrus flavor, like candied limes.   

This marmalade is mostly fruit! For citrus lovers, it’s the perfect way to enjoy the essence of real Sicilian citron on toast, pastries, cheeses, or as a filling for a traditional Italian crostata. The citrons used for this marmalade are grown locally in Sicily and transformed by master pastry chef Corrado Assenza in Noto. He is legendary, a genius of Sicilian sweets. 

Caffè Sicilia is a pastry shop founded in 1892 on the main street of Noto, a picturesque baroque town perched on a hill southwest of Siracusa. Carlo and Corrado Assenza are now the fourth generation in their family to run the shop, with an intense passion for the flavors and traditions of their region. Corrado is considered a pioneer among Italian chefs; educated in chemistry and biology, he brings the precision of scientific research to his recipes, drawing his inspiration from the grand tradition of Sicilian pasticceria to devise awe-inspiring new flavor combinations. He insists on using the best ingredients he can find from local farms for his line of marmalades, nuts and sweets, all produced by hand in the shop’s kitchen.

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