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This is Pianogrillo's powerful tomato concentrate. It has the deep aroma of a sauce that’s been slowly cooking for hours. It has a dense, creamy texture and the superb taste of tomatoes dried in the Sicilian sun - a lightly salty, sweet flavor with a powerful umami punch that wakes up your taste buds. Many of our chef friends tell us that this is the best tomato paste they have ever tried. Add a small amount to sauces, or spread over roasted meat or meatloaf, or anywhere else you’d like to dial up the tomato flavor!
This Estratto di Pomodori is made by Lorenzo Piccione in Chiaramonte Gulfi in the province of Ragusa in southeast Sicilia. Tomato extract, or “u strattu,” is a long Sicilian tradition from long before the days of convenience foods; women would crush tomatoes and spread them on large boards to dry out in the sun for three or four days. Lorenzo follows the recipe passed down by his family, adding only laurel leaves, extra virgin olive oil and sea salt to the fresh tomatoes, and slowly turning them into a delicious kitchen staple that adds so much more depth of flavor than tomato paste in a tube.
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