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Friarielli is the name for broccoli rabe grown in Campania, and they represent one of the signature vegetables of southern Italy. With a deep earthy flavor and delicate bitterness, this is about as far from boring steamed broccoli as you can get. Maida Friarielli are seasoned with salt, garlic, and chili pepper for a little extra kick and preserved in a precious Leccino extra virgin olive oil. While they are delicious right out of the jar, their robust flavor makes them the perfect ingredient in the traditional southern Italian "Broccoli e Salsiccia" pairing. 

They also up the flavor profile of just about any simple pasta dish like orecchiette, while their bitterness and spice make them an excellent match for cured meat and smoked cheese for a killer aperitivo platter or serious sandwich! And don't waste the real extra virgin olive oil in the jar - drizzle it on bread or your pasta; it's just as full of southern Italian flavor as the broccoli itself.

Francesco and Fabrizio are a passionate father-and-son team committed to Italy and the traditions of their land and people. They are the owner of Maida, a farm near the Cilento National Park, and the ancient Greek ruins at Paestum. Inside their astonishing fields, they grow the highest quality fruits and vegetables, harvest them at their peak of freshness, and turn them into unique products following family recipes.

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