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Asphodel is a native Mediterranean flowering plant resembling a lily whose leaves are often used to wrap Burrata cheese. Ancient Greek legend has it that the underworld's Asphodel Meadows are where average souls were sent, but this honey is anything but ordinary! With a warm golden color, Sardinian beekeeper Luigi Manias's raw Asphodel honey has a complex herbal aroma of fennel and a subtly spicy flavor with notes of cinnamon. 
Like all honey, this Miele di Asfodelo has homeopathic and culinary uses. It is considered a treatment for coughs and sore throats and is the world's oldest sweetener. Stir it into warming tea or hot chocolate in the winter, drizzle it on fresh summer fruits, or pair it with your favorite fresh cheese. And suppose you're into the DIY thing. In that case, we love using Luigi Manias's Asphodel honey to sweeten our homemade almond milk with Gustiamo's Sicilian almonds. Just remember to tell your friends that Italian tradition made almond milk great before Brooklyn coffee shops made it trendy!
Sometimes Asphodel honey crystallizes. Crystallization is normal; it is a sign of excellent-quality raw honey. If your honey crystallized, but you'd prefer it to be liquid, just gently heat it up in a bain-marie and stir until it transforms into liquid.
Its rich vegetation and lack of pollution make Sardinia the perfect honey-producing region. It is believed that beekeeping has been a tradition on the island since at least the 17th century. The Manias family, in particular, is a third-generation beekeeper in Ales with the most prolonged documented beekeeping activity in Sardegna. 
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