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For people obsessed with all things capers - like we are - nothing is better news than having more of the caper plant to love. La Nicchia’s caper leaves are firm but thin, with a delicate caper taste that won’t overpower other flavors; packed in exquisite Sicilian extra virgin olive oil, they are ready to use and have just a hint of saltiness, so don’t require rinsing. Mix them into salads, use them to top roasted fish or meat, eat them straight out of the jar or deep fry them for a unique antipasto. Chefs love them because these beautiful leaves make a stunning garnish for any savory dish. 
Our caper leaves come from the same prized caper plants as our capers and caperberries. On the Sicilian island of Pantelleria, where a rare variety of caper plant called spinosa nocellara grows, capers are harvested and processed following the traditions of generations of islanders whose livelihoods have depended on the production. Convinced that the best caper plants make the best leaves, Gabriele Lasagni of La Nicchia perfected the art of cultivating and preserving this unique product. For Gabriele, the ability to use the leaves as well as the capers and caperberries offers another way to sustain farmers on an island with scarce resources.
Since its founding, the company has expanded to include caperberries (cucunci in Sicilian dialect) and Zibibbo raisins. La Nicchia strives to present the best of what the land has to offer, crafted in the simplest way possible.
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