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These are actual Italian pine nuts. Need we say more? They are bursting with fresh pine aroma. Just pop a few in your mouth and you will be transported to a Mediterranean pine forest. These pine nuts are full of resinous flavor; think fresh tree sap. They have a remarkably smooth texture and satisfying density, and they prove the adage that good things come in small packages. Toast them to bring out their intense aromas, then mix them into salads, rice dishes, or use them in your favorite dessert, such as traditional Italian pinoli cookies. Or, grab some fresh basil and real Ligurian extra virgin olive oil, and wow your guests with your own authentic pesto sauce, perfect for pasta or brushed on vegetables or fresh bread. At Gustiamo, one of our favorite recipes is casarecci with anchovies, pine nuts, cauliflower, raisins and breadcrumbs.
These pine nuts are monocultivar. They grow on Pinus Pinea trees, a species of Mediterranean pine tree. Pinus Pinea, also known as stone pine, Italian stone pine, umbrella pine, and parasol pine is a tree from the pine family (Pinaceae) native to the Mediterranean region.
These pine nuts come from the pine tree forests which run down the west coast of Italy along the Tyrrhenian Sea, from Liguria to Calabria. The pine nuts are shelled just before being shipped to the US, and no chemical whitening agents are used, which means the nuts preserve their fresh flavor and natural creamy color.

Their whole production process is manual. People climb ladders to pick the pine cones from the branches. The pine cones are then put in baskets and are then brought to a small workshop where the pine conses are lightly steamed which allows them to release their precious pine nuts. 
Gustiamo is proud to share these extraordinary pine nuts which, unlike conventional versions, have no black spots, metallic taste, or bleaching agents. So while the bag might be small, the price reflects the value and labor behind one of Italy’s most precious food products.
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