Italian Black Rice Salad with Vinaigrette

This Black Rice Salad is our Gusti take on this Bon Appetit recipe. It’s a wonderful summer dish. Best of all, after you nail the rice and the vinegar dressing, you can have fun adding your own ingredients based on what you’ve got. Serves 4-6

Make it yourself or leave it to the pros?

Let’s talk Pesto. As soon as the weather begins hinting at warmth, our friends start prepping their gardens for basil and their pantries for pesto! To make pesto correctly, not only do you need your freshly grown basil, you need all the right ingredients. REAL Italian pine nuts and EVOO from Liguria are a must….

The Most Vexing Ingredient

The NYTimes recently called the Pine Nut “the most vexing ingredient.” We are here to ease some of that vexation. Our Pine Nuts come from Tuscany. They have a high price ($14). They come in a very small bag. Their quality and flavor is TOTALLY unmatched. They grow in an amazing microclimate. Our Pine Nuts…

Caserecci with Anchovies and Cauliflower

This recipe for pasta with anchovies and cauliflower was inspired by this article in The New Yorker. Judith Thurman’s poetic words about  pine nuts, which she calls her “secret ingredient,” reminded us of the goodness of pine nuts in pasta. Pine nuts are of the utmost importance to this dish, but our secret ingredient, instead, is Salted…