Make it yourself or leave it to the pros?

Let’s talk Pesto.

As soon as the weather begins hinting at warmth, our friends start prepping their gardens for basil and their pantries for pesto!

To make pesto correctly, not only do you need your freshly grown basil, you need all the right ingredients. REAL Italian pine nuts and EVOO from Liguria are a must. A MUST!

Ok. That being said, we should clarify by saying, it is NOT a must that you make pesto yourself. We have a master pesto maker who will do it for you.

When it comes to pesto, do you prefer to do it yourself?

YES! It’s time to stock up on Italian Pine Nuts and Ligurian EVOO for some next-level pesto making.

Eh, leave it to the pros. Buy this jar of pesto immediately. It is the best you have ever had.

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