“What Pinoli are supposed to be”

These are actual Italian pine nuts, and they’re as rare as they are insanely flavorful. Their buttery, sweet nuttiness and fresh, pure piney aroma have no equals. That’s why they have such a cult following:

Our pinoli taste and smell intensely of pine resin, an aroma that immediately transports you to breezy Mediterranean forests. No wonder they’re so different from other more widely available pine nuts: they belong to a different species altogether. These long, smooth, creamy pinoli are Pinus Pinea, a special variety growing on the pine trees that cover the Italian coast from Liguria to Calabria.

We have our private pinoli supply! These are sourced for us by the King of Pesto himself, Roberto Panizza. He shares his personal stock with us, these are the very same ones he uses to make his world famous Pesto Genovese.

Arm yourself with a mortar + pestle, grab a bottle of Benza Taggiasca fruity extra virgin olive oil from Liguria and get ready for fresh Pesto season.
Add Trenette pasta + a jar of Roberto’s Pesto to your pine nuts and a glorious Genovese dinner is just minutes away. Perfect gift for the pesto obsessed in your life.