6a00e55029641d8834014e860e34be970d-800wi In case you follow the Market (the stock market, I mean), you certainly have noticed the impressive performance of WFMI (Whole Foods Market, for us mortals) in the past 4 months! It was under $35 in early October, 2010; it is now almost $60!!! What happened? The financial world must have heard Whole Foods was planning an event with Gustiamo!!! Only kidding, because not a single word came from us. Our mouths were sealed. Until now! Now we can finally talk! Starting tomorrow, February 16th, all 22 Whole Foods stores in and around Manhattan will sell our BEST new harvest Italian EV Olive Oils.


The program is called “Seize the Moment” and will last through the end of February. It all started last October when our friends at Whole Foods came to see us in the warehouse and loved our products and the stories of our producers. We immediately felt a connection, in fact  Whole Foods tagline is “every meal has a story.” Then, the rest is history! Gustiamo is in Whole Foods! The olive oils Whole Foods will sell for the next couple of weeks are: BuonOlio Benza (Liguria), Vicopisano (Toscana), Cru di Cures (Lazio), Il Tratturello (Molise), Pianogrillo (Sicilia), Antichi Uliveti del Prato (Sardegna). Come see us and buy them @ Whole Foods! This is very exciting! Thank you, Whole Foods!!!

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  1. WOW……I’m gona get a couple of bottles of Tratturello!!!
    Can’t wait…

  2. This is wonderful news! I’m sure Whole Foods shoppers will love this new addition! Any chance this might expand beyond Manhattan, say to Boston? 🙂

  3. Is expanding to California next? I wish. Congrats Gustiamo!

  4. certo! only looking for the right people to do it with us! whall we talk???
    grazie mille for your nice words. it is INCREDIBLE! and it’s going very well. the stores just started and our olive oils are jumping!!! grazie a tutti!

  5. not only! you can also meet Francesco. he arrives in ny this saturday for a week. he’ll do his tastings and he’ll have his share of fame at whole foods. grazie mille, Pietro!

  6. Arrivo!! Beginning Saturday from Edgewater ..dalle 3 alle 6 PM..

  7. benissimo! oggi abbiamo fatto il primo tasting con Nicola. eri non in buona posizione sullo scaffale. ti abbiamo spostato subito. speriamo non se ne accorgano!!! :-)) have a wonderful trip!

  8. Ciao, grazie.
    Buon lavoro a tutti.
    Lorenzo di Pianogrillo

  9. arrivo domani pomriggio e davvero non vedo l’ora di incontrarvi tutti!A presto

  10. Whole food for everyday of our life!

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