6a00e55029641d8834014e861ebc69970d-800wi We are all so thrilled to be included in Whole Foods!!! This is such a huge thing, our oil producers decided to come to NY to share our joy. They will give demonstrations at the New York area Whole Foods stores (all 22 of them!) and will explain to anyone who will listen: how you taste the olive oil, what is the difference between a good ev olive oil and a cheap industrial one, how you use ev olive oil…These people are NOT the export managers of some big companies, the financial partners or investors… these people are the real people, the farmers who prune the olive trees, pick the olives and watch carefully when they are brought to the mill. These people are our heros!

The olive oil producers who are already, or will soon be, in NY are: Nicola and Lucia Bovoli of Vicopisano, Antonella Fagiolo and her husband Mario Malpigi of Cru di Cures, Antonella Pinna of Antichi Uliveti, Francesco Travaglini of Il Tratturello.

If you live in what Whole Foods calls the North East Region (NYC, Long Island, New Jersey, Westchester, Connecticut), please go to the Whole Foods store near you, look for our display and buy our Olive Oils!!! If you want to make sure you meet the producer, pls call Anne in our office (718 860 2949) and she will give you their demonstration schedule. So much fun!!! They look forward to meeting you, too!

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