Voglio Vivere Cosi’

We received an invitation for tomorrow night at The Plaza for an event called “Voglio Vivere Cosi'”, organized by the Toscana region. I had some vague memory that “Voglio Vivere Cosi'” was a song of many years ago, and I was right. I googled it and found (Click the arrow on the video):

It’s the new branding campaign of the Toscana region which they are launching in America. The song was a Ferruccio Tavaglini hit in the mid ’40s. I love the song and think the spot is fresh, sexy and elegant. Well… I read it cost 17 million euros, which at today’s exchange rate is $25 million. Good luck Toscana! We’ll see you tomorrow night. Anybody else going? We’ll bring a bottle of Vicopisano organic EV Olive Oil, made in Pisa by Nicola Bovoli. It’s magnificent and it doesn’t cost millions.

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  1. Cathy Mantuano says:

    The video with the song is lovely and sweet. Very creative! How was the event?

  2. beatrice says:

    carissima. i didn’t go and ended up working in the office until 8pm. nobody wanted to go with me. they had other commitments and i didn’t feel like going by myself. so i don’t know how it was. have not heard from anybody about the event. did somebody go?

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