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The 2021/2022 harvest of Il Tratturello represents the best of the robust southern Italian olive oil style. It’s no wonder it’s one of Gustiamo’s best sellers! The aroma and taste are undeniably green – raw almond and freshly cut grass – with a spicy and bitter, very balanced finish and hints of black pepper. 2021 was a great year for farmer Francesco and his real extra virgin olive oil: this year's EVOO is bolder than ever! 

What can’t you do with this exceptional oil? Drizzle Il Tratturello on just about any dish – salad, pasta, pizza, vegetables, good crusty bread – for a bold kick of traditional Italian flavor. If you love intense olive oil, this is the EVOO for you!

Il Tratturello is crafted in Piani di Larino, the heart of the Molise region, by husband and wife team Francesco and Pia Travaglini. This real extra virgin olive oil comes predominantly from local cultivar Gentile di Larino (60%), along with Frantoio (28%), Leccino (10%), and Moraiolo (2%) olive varieties.

Molise is one of Italy’s unsung treasures; its economy is struggling to recover from a series of devastating earthquakes it has suffered in recent years. But Molise allows visitors a rare glimpse of Italian agriculture in its most traditional, natural setting.

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