An Olive Oil That Inspires Endless Conversation

New harvest evoo. Cru di Cures from Lazio

In the hills of Fara Sabina, in the region of Lazio, Cru di Cures Extra Virgin Olive Oli is made by the aunt/niece team Laura and Antonella Fagiolo.

This 2019/2020 harvest oil is a wonderful, well balanced expression of Carboncella, Raja, Frantoio, and Leccino olives.

On the nose, the new harvest of Cru di Cures EVOO is vivid and green. On the palate this EVOO’s bitterness is striking. It has a complex herbaceous taste with notes of bitter almonds and green peppers.

Cru di Cures olive oil also has an important link to human culinary history. The place where this EVOO is made today has been recognized as one of Europe’s first olive groves. The majestic thousand-year old olive trees, right outside of Rome, are a testament to an ideal terroir, perfect for olive oil.

This is the favorite EVOO of many of our chef friends, like Chef Malcolm from Ghetto Gastro here in the Bronx.

Chef Malcolm of Ghetto Gastro: "The first time I tasted Cru di Cures I literally felt as if I were tasting 'olive oil' for the first time. It is so pure, aromatic, and balanced, while carrying this striking hidden depth of flavor. Its versatility allows endless conversations and new pathways of flavor. I Love this EVOO!"