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Vicopisano Extra Virgin Olive Oil 2020/2021 harvest is robust and powerful. On the nose the strong and herbaceous aroma hits you immediately. This lively and pungent olive oil is for people who like bold flavors. On the palate, it offers a medium bitterness and a noticeable kick of spice in the finish. The low acidity and rich flavor of this olive oil makes it extremely versatile, but like all real extra virgin olive oil, it is best enjoyed raw, drizzled on salads, roasted vegetables, or pasta, or just a slice of good crusty bread.

This olive oil comes from Vicopisano, Tuscany and it is made with 100% Frantoio olives. Perfectly balanced, fresh and fruity, one taste and you’ll understand why this is a masterpiece of Tuscan olive oil culture, a real extra virgin olive oil for true olive oil lovers!

Finally! The 2008-2009 harvest of Vicopisano EV Olive Oil has arrived in the warehouse. It is always…