Why You Have Never Heard of Olive Oil from Molise, Before?

6a00e55029641d88340147e0e86a6e970b-800wi Francesco Travaglini is a young man married to Pia. Both sets of their  parents used to make olive oil, but they, like everybody else in Molise, would sell it for virtually nothing to commercial companies from other regions, who would make their profit by blending it with inferior oil. In fact, while Molise is an agricultural region covered with olive trees, have you ever heard of an olive oil from Molise before? Well, Francesco is very proud of his land; 10 years ago, he decided that enough was enough and he went solo to make his own oil.

Sheep in olive grove With some money from his parents and his in laws, a small grant from the state (best money ever spent by the Italian Republic!), he started the farm. Il Tratturello was born. He called it Il Tratturello because his olive grove borders with a Tratturo, the green highway of the past, where cattle and sheep used to go from the mountains to the sea. Francesco’s sheep still graze through the olive groves with a mutual benefit: the sheep eat the olives leaves and give the land their natural fertilizer in return. Il Tratturello is a spectacular EV Olive Oil, made with local Larino olives.

Il Tratturello Extra Virgin Olive Oil
Il Tratturello Extra Virgin Olive Oil

The new 2010 Harvest just arrived in the warehouse!!!

The bottles, which are individually numbered and boast a beautiful red wax seal, even indicate the harvest date, this year October 4 to November 10, 2010.

The olives were on the trees a few days ago. How much more fresh could an olive oil be?