The Fruitiest New EVOO

Il Tratturello from Molise
2020/2021 HARVEST

Olive harvest in Molise by Francesco and Pia

Husband and wife team Francesco and Pia couldn’t be happier with this year’s olive harvest. This video clip above is them, just a few weeks ago, harvesting in Molise.

“The 2020/2021 Il Tratturello is the fruitiest we have tasted in years!”
That’s what Pia told us the other day, during our usual virtual olio nuovo tasting and it’s so true.

This year’s Il Tratturello extra virgin olive oil perfectly expresses the identity of the local olive cultivar Gentile di Larino. On the nose, it is bright and green, with Il Tratturello’s signature notes of freshly cut grass. On the palate, those fruity aromas of green almond shine, leading the way for that bold bitter finish with a spicy kick that is unmistakably Il Tratturello!

Italian Vinaigrette


In Italy, there’s no such thing as Italian dressing. But, we do like to dress our salads with real Italian extra virgin olive oil + honest balsamic vinegar + a pinch of sea salt whisked together.

Real Italian cuisine is about simplicity. The best dressing is an easy vinaigrette. It has only 3 ingredients and doesn’t need a recipe:

  1. EVOO
  2. balsamic
  3. sea salt

That’s all you need.