Top 5 best qualities to look for in EV Olive Oil

THE extra virgin olive oil man, Stefano Noceti, gave you his Top 5 most common extra virgin olive oil mistakes,  now, he is back at you with a more optimistic Top 5.

1. EVOO should taste like a fresh squeezed olive. If you are not sure what that means, we suggest you visit Italy in early fall for some good old-fashion olive squeezing.
2. The best EVOOs have a great smell. ALWAYS sniff your olive oil. We suggest you sniff your oil from a shot glass. Like wine, great EVOO has an identifiable fragrance and perfume which may make you think of fresh cut grass, tomato plant leaves and/or green almonds.
3. Great EVOO develops nuances in your mouth. The intensity of the oil will change in your mouth and identifiable flavors, different from those you detected on the nose, will come out.
4. EVOO should leave your mouth clean. After you swallow a teaspoon of EVOO, your mouth should not be left greasy.
5. The best EVOO is peppery. Depending on the olive variety, an EVOO will leave some degree of spice in the back of your throat. You may even cough. This is a good sign. Pepperiness is an obvious indicator of polyphenols and antioxidants.