Antichi Uliveti del Prato, In Defense of Italian Landscape

Antichi Uliveti Extra Virgin Olive Oil
Antichi Uliveti Del Prato Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Gavino, Leonardo, and Antonella Pinna are siblings who tend their ancestors’ beloved olive groves, outside Sassari, in the north of the island of Sardegna. It is a beautiful area, 300 mt. above sea level; all around the family property, real estate developers have built big villas. By keeping the olive business alive and well, the Pinnas are also defending the Italian rural landscape with 5,000 olive trees, 200 to 400 years old!

The olives are rare Bosana local Sardinian olives. They make EV Olive Oil Antichi Uliveti del Prato. Their roles, in the company are very clear: Leonardo and Gavino are in charge of the production of the olive oil, and Antonella is in charge of marketing.

Continued good luck to the Pinnas!

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  1. I so admire the producers for protecting the ancient trees and landscape. I work in land conservation so I know it takes much personal integrity to produce with the health of mother earth in mind, too. Bravo!

  2. Tracy Bridgewater says:

    I am also very impressed by their whole attitude and will to withstand these commercial real estate dudes. I have read up a bit about this olive cultivar (Bosana), and I found out it seems of spanish origin.
    Since I am in love with strong fruity olive oils, this is definitely my next candidate to try!!

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