This Aeolian summer salad has all the flavors of the Mediterranean. Juicy fresh tomatoes, salty Castelvetrano olives, plump sugarello fish fillets, briny caper leaves, sweet Zibibbo raisins, and floral oregano come alive with a simple balsamic dressing.

Pantelleria oregano and zibibbo raisins are a magical combination! Their aroma will transport you to the Aeolian islands, just off the northeastern coast of Sicily. That’s exactly where the Testa family goes fishing for all the local sugarello that they preserve in extra virgin olive oil. One of the stars of this un-recipe, for sure.


SERVES: 4 people
TIME: 15 minutes



  1. Make the dressing. Whisk the balsamic saba 6 and extra virgin olive oil together in a small bowl (or combine in a jar and shake!). Taste, season with salt and pepper, and set aside.
  2. To assemble the salad, arrange the tomato slices on a serving platter. Evenly scatter the remaining ingredients on top of the tomatoes. Drizzle the vinaigrette over everything and season with additional salt and pepper if desired. Let the salad rest a few minutes before serving.

tomatoes castelvetrano olives caper leaves zibibbo raisins saba 6 extra virgin olive oil