Biasetto Summer Panettone is Here

FI-NA-LLY!!! Summer can officially start: Biasetto Summer Panettone is here.

We can’t get enough of this intoxicating aroma: heavenly butter combined with sweet notes of Marsala wine macerated raisins and juicy oranges from Calabria. The vibe at Gustiamo is beyond festive, when the fragrance of Summer Panettone fills the air.

That’s exactly what master pastry chef Luigi Biasetto is creating with his limited edition of Panettone for summer, a magical and comforting feeling of joy.

500 grams of a pillowy, light crumb, studded with ginger for a fresh kick, among the warmth of Indian saffron and the complexity of vanilla from Tahiti. Plus, Summer Panettone shines golden like the sun, thanks to a touch of turmeric!

Okay, our mouths are watering. Drop everything you’re doing. Summer Panettone is a cult favorite that will take your tastebuds on vacation. Run now, thank us later.

And dessert is served! There’s no better Summer Panettone pairing than Caffè Sicilia Almond Granita. 

Yes, Corrado Assenza put his Noto Romana Almond cream in a jar. You just need to add some water, stick in the freezer, and follow Corrado’s foolproof instructions to recreate his world famous granita. Recipe here!