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From a tiny volcanic island off the coast of Sicily comes some of the richest, most fragrant oregano in the entire Mediterranean. Grown, hand-picked, and dried by the farmers of Pantelleria, these delicate leaves and flowers contain all the essence of the soil, the sun, the air, and the sea that make this island unique. Oregano has been a staple of Mediterranean cuisine for centuries, and you’ll find no shortage of uses in the kitchen; it can deepen and enhance the taste of tomatoes when sprinkled on pizza or pasta, and adds a robust earthy flavor to roasted vegetables and potatoes, poultry, seafood, and meat.
Oregano from Pantelleria is so uniquely aromatic, it may inspire you to explore traditional Sicilian specialities where good quality herbs can help transform simple ingredients into something truly special. Whip up an insalata pantesca, a Pantelleria classic made with potatoes, tomatoes, olives, capers, onions and oregano, or salmoriglio, a southern Italian condiment for meat or fish made from lemon juice, olive oil, garlic, salt, and oregano.

Why dried leaves in a jar and not on the stem? While delicate twigs of dried oregano may look romantic, its the leaves that really have all the flavor. When you buy dried herbs in a jar, you can use it's entire contents instead of paying for the attractive, yet unusable stems. This oregano comes from the latest harvest, to ensure the highest freshness and most potent aroma.

What makes this humble herb stand out from the rest? According to the experts at La Nicchia, the secret is the island itself - the volcanic soil, the scorching sun, the sea breezes - as well as respect for the traditions that have been passed down by farmers on Pantelleria for generations. The plants are harvested by hand twice a year, at the end of spring and the middle of summer, and dried in the dark to preserve the green color of the plants and the intensity of their essential oils. The leaves and flowers are then separated by hand from the twigs, so only the most aromatic parts of the plant make it into the jar. 
Use it for:
The first time we prepared this salad inspired to Pantelleria’s flavor gems – capers…
Use it for:
Salmoriglio is an ancient Sicilian condiment featuring some of the island’s most emblematic…