Olio Nuovo from the Islands: Sicilia or Sardegna?

This is one of our favorite times of year. Olio nuovo finally arriving at Gustiamo!

green olives pouring into crate

Presenting the glorious new harvest extra virgin olive oil from Sicily + Sardegna. 

New harvest olive oil is the absolute labor of love of our farmers, it is the most honest and true representation of their territory. You can really savor the mellow, warming, luscious nature of Sicily OR the green, rustic, pristine Sardegna countryside. So, which Italian island do you want a taste of?

five people and olive tree

Made by the Pinna family
100% Bosana local olives
Aroma: fresh green vegetal hints
Flavor: artichoke, celery, fennel
Mouthfeel: bold bitter + spicy finish
3 words: robust, vivid, herbaceous




bearded man next to tree

Made by Lorenzo Piccione
100% Tonda Iblea local olives
Aroma: rich fruity notes + grassy hues
Flavor: sweet almond + tomato leaves
Mouthfeel: smooth and delicately bitter
3 words: harmonious, versatile, elegant