Whole Foods – Demoing Like There Is No Tomorrow!

Stefano, beatrice, Nicola and Lucia at Whole Foods Four of our olive oil producers came to town to present their magnificent olive oils to the customers of Whole Foods. There were 22 stores in the NY region which participated in the program “SEIZE THE MOMENT“, i.e., grab the olive oil when it is at its freshest, just pressed. 22 stores and 4 producers in only a few days. We are doing demonstrations like crazy! New York City, Westchester, New Jersey, Connecticut, Long Island… This is Nicola Bovoli of Vicopisano EV Olive Oil from Toscana, his wife Lucia, Stefano and Beatrice in the Whole Foods Store on the Upper West Side.

Francesco il Tratturello at Whole Foods We have become the experts at demoing at Whole Foods, we are selling EVOO like it is water, and we are showing all their customers how to properly taste olive oil. Most common comment: WOW, I NEVER THOUGHT AN OLIVE OIL SHOULD TASTE LIKE THIS! Left is Francesco Travaglini from Molise, his Il Tratturello also, almost all gone. We learned in the field (or, better, on the grocery floor)… and after a few days of demoing, we brought a map of Italy and taught some geography, too. Where the heck is the Molise region??? Francesco also brought some olive tree branches with some olives still hanging. Now, this is the way to show where your food comes from!!!


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