Panettone and Pandoro Special Treatment


The perfect gift Panettone and Pandoro (left) just arrived!!! They are freshly baked by Luigi Biasetto, master baker/pastry chef and award winner, in Padova. Luigi uses only the freshest and best ingredients, of course. But his secret is the flour: it’s Petra stone milled flour made by Molino Quaglia, a couple of kilometers from the bakery. How local is this???

As soon as the cakes arrived in the warehouse, we opened and tasted them (it’s called quality control – what a job!). Our Stefano started to do something – his special thing – to the Pandoro I had never seen before! This is a “How To” video. How to finish and how to present the Pandoro. Brilliant! Martha Stewart watch out! Watch the video and click on the arrow below and learn how Italians do it. Enjoy Italy’s Best Panettone and Pandoro!


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  1. After watching this video, I just had to place an order right away, my mouth is still watering!

  2. It’s “dirty” job but someone has to do!
    Italian skills..

  3. Just got back from Italy and this REALLY made me want to turn around and go back in spite of the long flight. I won’t miss having sweets with EVERY meal but do I ever miss the fresh tasting, perfectly seasoned foods and the lovely people. Quality ingredients and love – an unbeatable combination!

  4. mmm grazie, you are making my mouth water. hehehe now I will have to order soon.

  5. Yummm doesn’t come close to describing how fabulous the Panettone is. I have never experienced such delicious, melt in your mouth rich flavors in my life. had to put half in the freezer to keep from eating the whole thing… everything I have tried from Gustiamo has been the highest quality!!!

  6. fantastic presentation, Stefano! I had no idea that Pan doro was prepared that way.

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