The answer to Italian ingredients prayers, Gustiamo in Swide

Gustiamo is the answer to New Yorkers’ Italian ingredients prayers! And to the rest of the USA’s prayers as well, we might add. published an article promoting some of the best places in New York to buy real, authentic Italian ingredients and food. They say:

“This Bronx-based wholesaler [Gustiamo] sells online to the public and is pretty much the answer to many New Yorkers’ Italian ingredients prayers. With a couple of clicks of a button, you’ll have some of the most appetizing Italian products at your fingertips. A sampling of the offerings: traditional balsamic vinegar from Modena; Piedmont’s Acquerello rice; extra virgin olive oil from Sardinia, Lazio and other regions; Sicilian nougat and jams; Sardinian honey; Campania’s pasta di Gragnano; Pugliese olives; Ligurian pesto; capers from Pantelleria Island, among many other gastronomic delights. Gift sets are packaged year-round in ‘outer borough chic’ wood crates obtained from the nearby Bronx produce market.”

That’s right, folks. We satiate all of your Italian craves. Whenever you need a refill on that extra virgin olive oil bottle or some Martelli Pasta, we are here for you.

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